About Us

What’s SP Educated?

We present to you the greatest breaking stories as they happen, 24 hours a day. Our accomplished, energetic columnists scour the planet for stories that will break the news, rapidly filtering out unverified reports and stories. It all comes down to a dependable, continuous feed that shines the spotlight on exactly what’s trending. You need to exert too much effort to keep it refreshing; updates are automatic, and you’ll be impressed with our social media presence as we can easily be found on the web, mobile and every social media platform.

Why we do what we do

In today’s online networking world, breaking news is all over the web. From a huge number of news associations to a large number of “coincidental writers” equipped with the latest gadgets, breaking stories are shouting to get your attention each moment of the day. It’s undeniably difficult to stay informed regarding it all—and realize what is newsworthy. We aim to make breaking news matter once again, informing you of the latest stories you need and need to know. No shouting, no cushion, no gossipy tidbits—just news.

Who we are

We’re a gathering of dozen or somewhere in the vicinity writers and technologists who work in Seattle, New York, London and Los Angeles. We trust the eventual fate of news is to take care of issues for everyone, and we’ve begun a phenomenal organization to do only that.